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What is the best roof for a house

The roof is a fundamental part of a home. It is therefore essential to select a tile roof that suits the environmental conditions and the use it will be put to. From Alvasa Vertical Works we tell you which is the best roof for a house. Know the most important points to choose yours.

Roof types

If you’re going to select the best roof for a house, you should also worry about the roof. This is the roof and it’s made of shingles of different materials. That’s why it’s called that.

Currently there are several types of roofs, the best known are:

Flat roofs

The main characteristic of flat roofs is that they do not have large slopes. In general, a small slope is left to avoid that during the rains the water stays up and can damage the material.

They are used mainly for warm climates, it is advisable to waterproof the roof, thus avoiding leaks and filtrations.

Inclined roofs

Inclined roofs are the most commonly used today. It is considered within this type if they have a slope greater than 10 %.

These are subclassified taking into account the shape of the roof. These are:

  • To a water: it is characterized by having only one fall. In other words, only one side of the roof is inclined, while the other side is higher and even straight.
  • On two sides: the roof has two falls. Almost always the highest point is right in the middle. This allows loads of heavy rain to be spread better and not damage anything.
  • To four waters: it has four slopes joined by the middle of the files, these sometimes are of a different material to the rest of the roof.
  • Skirts: this type of roof can have four or more slopes. Not all of them must have the same inclination. This is an option for unconventional houses with less regular shapes.

Types of roofs according to the material of which they are made

The roof is made of tiles that are made of different materials.

Before selecting the ideal roof for your home you should know what materials are on the market. Some of the best known are:

Clay Roof Tiles

It is one of the best materials for roofs of houses. It is also very popular for its great durability, low cost and does not require as much maintenance. Keep in mind that, over time, heavy rains can break them.

Concrete Roof Tile

Like the clay tile does not require much maintenance and the cost of installation is not so high. Concrete is a natural material that has great strength. They also come in different colors, so they can be adapted to your tastes.

Slate Roof Tiles

Just as slate can be a roofing material for houses, it is also a roofing material for tiles. It is completely natural and has been used for a long time. It is durable and can give a very elegant aesthetics to the home.

Roof parts

Before deciding which roof is right for me, you must know the elements that make it up. Take into account that according to the shape of the roof of your house and the roof you choose may have more or less parts. However, the main ones are:

  • Skirt: they are the planes inclined in the roof, also known as slopes. In order to be considered as a skirt, it must have a slope of more than 5%.
  • Files: these are the intersection lines between the skirts of a roof. Their function is to direct the water to the slopes. There are the limatesas and limahoyos.
  • Ridges: they are in charge of joining the skirts at the top. They are always placed horizontally.
  • Cornice or eaves: this is a lower edge that is placed on the skirts. They always protrude from the walls and are often narrow.

What is the best roof for a house

At this point you must be wondering what is the best roof for a house and which roof you should choose. But the truth is that the decision depends on several aspects that we will tell you below.


It is one of the first aspects that must be taken into account when selecting the roof in the home.

There are several types of roofs for inexpensive houses. In the case of roofs, some materials are more durable than others, for example, slate roofs last a long time. But depending on your location you should look for one that is more resistant, because it will be exposed to the climatic changes.

You should also consider that roofs with falls are better for places where it rains very often.

On the other hand, in the case of having a lot of sun it is advisable to place a flat roof and complement it with a simple cover. This helps to keep the house cooler.

Vegetation around the home

The roof needs maintenance, especially in the autumn season. So you have to select a cover that is practical and where branches and leaves don’t get stuck. In some cases it is advisable to choose one that is flat.

It is necessary to prune the trees around a little. Make sure that the branches of these as they grow will not damage your roof.

Tips to follow before choosing the roof

If you’re still not sure what type of roof to select here, we’ll give you a few tips to help you choose.

  • When you are going to select the roof, be clear about the characteristics of the space in your home, as well as the climate.
  • Always look for a roof that meets your needs.
  • Consult with professionals to make the best decision.
  • Hire an experienced company so that the installation is well done.

The final question is not which is the best roof for a house, but which one fits the needs of your home. Remember that if you need help you can contact us.