Roofing material – which is better?

The roof is the pride of each house – it emphasizes its character, shows the individual tastes of its owners, is the completion of investment in construction.

However, we must not forget that it also has a very important utility function. It is a roof that protects us from rain, snow or summer, the scorching sun. Therefore, the roof should be chosen and done with exceptional attention.

The choice of roof construction belongs to the designer. Instead, the investor can offer him the roof he would like to see in his building. It also includes the most important decisions regarding the future use and appearance of the roof: whether it is flat or sloping, with roof windows or roof windows, the attic will be used or not.

Flat roofs usually have a reinforced concrete structure (sometimes wooden), in the form of a so-called flat roof. The sloping roof structures are mostly made of wood. If you decide to make the attic living space, you should try to get the right thermal roof. If we don’t take care of it, the attic will not have a comfortable microclimate, i.e. in winter it will be too cold and hot in summer.

Depending on the coating used, appropriate windproofing, vapour barrier or vapour permeable insulation should be used. All parts must be included in the design and their implementation is an indispensable condition for a reliable and durable roof.

At the same time, how the gutter system should be properly designed and installed. The building should not be left without drains and gutters. This can lead to water draining from the roof dripping onto the walls, which in turn threatens to destroy the building.

Metal tile

The quality of the roofing sheet is a guarantee of comfortable living under the roof of your home.

Roof coverings are constantly tested by atmospheric factors – the sun, precipitation (including aggressive acid rain) and temperature changes with seasons (in summer even up to +60 degrees Celsius, in winter up to -30 degrees Celsius).

Coverings are particularly sensitive to these factors, this applies to both metal tiles and corrugated sheets and flat roofs. They are deformed under the influence of temperature differences – on the surface there are small cracks that can eventually corrode.

The quality of the sheet metal determines how quickly it will happen, or rather the thickness of its steel core and the type of protective coatings that simultaneously give the coating color. Fortunately, the roofing sheet can be renewed. You just need to know how to do it.

Although, it is best to initially think about durability and not to save money, but to make a choice in favor of quality metal tiles. In the future, this will allow you to make sure that your decision is correct.

The decision regarding the new color of the coating is also difficult. Although there are many possibilities, it is better not to experiment and choose shades of paint from the palette traditionally used for painting coatings – green, brown, red.

Folded roof

Another type of roof that is worth paying attention to when choosing is the folded roof.

Owners of suburban areas, who decided to build a house with a roof of rebate (with seam), rely on high wear resistance of the material: this is achieved through the use of the latest technology and proven alloys in industry, as well as a wide range of compositions to protect the surface.

Specifics of joint formation.

Roof elements (so-called snapshots) are linked together by folds. Folded fasteners are joints created during the connection of metal roofing plates. The joints can be single, double, standing (they are the most reliable, with fixed side and vertical roofs), lying – they are designed for standard horizontal covering of the sheets. It is these nuances that make the rebate roof so popular.

Composite tiles

One of the most popular roofing products is composite tile. It is valued primarily for aesthetics, because it gives buildings an elegant character and blends perfectly with both classic forms and modern buildings.

In the line of such a global manufacturer as Gerard – you will find yourself 7 types of waves, each of which will present you with a large number of colors to choose from. Metal sheets are covered with special decorative pebbles, which will give a unique character to any building.

Composite tiles are characterized by low weight, ease of installation even on roofs with a complex configuration, durability, fire resistance, and a very attractive coating that is not afraid of nature, and does not lose its properties during the entire life cycle of operation (more than 50 years).

You can’t ignore the bituminous tiles

Bitumen shingles are a covering material, whose great advantage in its use – price and aesthetics. Easy to install, it is relatively light and inexpensive, and on the roof looks very attractive.

Bitumen tiles are long strips with recesses of various shapes, such as rectangles, triangles, scales, trapezes or hexagons. Thanks to these cuts, they look like rows of tiles after laying on the roof.

Each shingles layer is a fulcrum for the other layers. Gondola is made of non-woven material, which guarantees a very high mechanical strength of the product and the fact that it is stable, and allows you not to worry about the strength of the roofing.

The fabric itself is built into the bituminous mass – later it is responsible for its tightness and, consequently, the durability of the coating. As shingles, bitumen tiles consist of several layers. The main layer is the supporting layer, that is, a matrix of fiberglass, impregnated with modified bitumen. Its quality determines whether the tiles will be resistant to strong winds and aging.

Conclusion – the roofing materials presented in the article are all worthy of attention, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but combines their long life, attractive appearance – which gives the building a character, and reliable protection of your home.