Which corrugated board is the most durable

How the service life of a metal profile is determined

The use of corrugated board in modern construction allowed to solve not only a number of tasks on arrangement of various structures, but also to save money. Metal profile refers to those building materials, which can be called a budget option.

Nevertheless, it is used in a fairly wide field of construction – and for roofing, and for the improvement of fences, and for the construction of various load-bearing structures, ceilings and even for the facades of construction projects.

Service life of the product starts from 10 years and can be achieved with proper installation and competent selection of products up to 40 years. Taking into account that in the market you will not find any other material with the same wide range of applications, its popularity is justified.

If you are faced with the first purchase of this type of building material, you are probably interested in the question – which of the presented in the market corrugated board is the most durable? To answer it, you need to understand not only the intricacies of its manufacture, but also in some nuances of use.

Different types of material are used in different areas and of course because of the different technical parameters of the service life will be different for sheets of different brands. Labeling of sheets allows you to quickly and correctly select the desired type of material and use it in accordance with the recommendations of manufacturers.

What is the optimum sheet thickness

A metal profile is a thin steel sheet with a certain profile. The thickness of this corrugated sheet varies depending on the type of material and manufacturer. The thinnest can be considered a product with a thickness of 0.33-0.37 mm.

This version of profiled sheet is suitable only for a limited list of construction works of a temporary nature. In no case will this material be suitable for the construction of structures that will have to withstand heavy loads.

If you choose a fence material, it is optimal if the steel thickness is about 0.45 mm. This parameter is sufficient for a long service life of the product as an enclosing structure. The fence will retain its integral appearance for many years, will not deform and change the geometry of the sheets, and will reliably perform the specified functions.

For the construction of the roof used material with a greater thickness of sheets, because in this case and the degree of responsibility is much higher. The roof structure will have a lot of impacts in the future course of operation, so it should be covered with the most durable material.

For the roof it is better to choose products with the lowest thickness of 0.5 mm, but the higher will be this parameter, the better for the overall strength characteristics of the roofing material.

Durability of the product is largely determined by the parameter of sheet thickness. That is, we can say with certainty that the most durable sheet of corrugated board, which has the maximum thickness.

What’s with the galvanizing?

To ensure that the steel sheet is protected from the negative effects of precipitation and can also have a decent long service life, it is improved by applying a special protective layer of zinc.

The zinc layer also has an influence on the service life of corrugated sheets, but there are different recommendations for different applications regarding the optimum level of the protective zinc layer.

The optimum zinc layer in the metal profile is:

  • An additional option to extend the service life of the product.
  • Improvement of its protective properties, including corrosion protection.
  • Possibility to make a durable and reliable product out of simple and accessible building material.

Starts the amount of zinc in the corresponding layer of material with the index of 125 grams/m², and the maximum possible content is 275 grams/m². When choosing this parameter, do not forget about its direct impact on the quality and service life of the final building structure.

By ensuring that the steel sheets of the building material are protected from rust and corrosion and from the effects of moisture and precipitation in general, you prolong the operation of the structure.

As with the protective zinc layer, there is another parameter that cannot be saved. This is a decorative layer, and it is often a polymer coating. In addition to decorative properties, it also improves the strength characteristics of the sheets.

How much does a durable metal profile cost?

The cost of durable corrugated board depends on:

  • Product brands.
  • Thickness of sheets and individual protective layers.
  • Presence and type of polymer coating.
  • The official warranty period. steel sheets of the building material have been protected against rust and corrosion and against the effects of moisture and precipitation in general, you prolong the operation of the structure.

In order to be sure that the price is fair, it is necessary to analyze the technical parameters of the products, who manufactured them and the approximate service life of the products.

The formation of the cost of one sheet of metal depends not only on its technical parameters, but also on the size. Be careful, because most companies indicate the price of the product per square meter, not per sheet. Well, the size of the sheets you can determine for yourself, because today most manufacturing companies offer to buy corrugated flooring in individual sizes.

Choosing the availability and quality in the form of a multifunctional and reliable metal profile, you make the best investment. After all, you can not only save on construction, but also get excellent results – the type of buildings will always be modern and relevant.